oday, the extensive coverage of mall, international stores, reputed hotels have brought to Zirakpur a demanding population with increasing commercial needs. These needs have to be looked after specifically keeping in mind the restricted, yet growing purchasing power of the primary populace. The newly operational international airport is also adding value and prosperity to the region and its population.

National and international brands like Metro, Decathlon, Best Price and Hotels like Ramada, Aloft, Park Plaza have chosen Zirakpur because of its location and close property to Punjab, Haryana and Himachal.

Since the first development project that came into Zirakpur, the small town has grown into real estate heaven for developers and consumers. It is now the most promising real estate destination in the region and the same has also been long proven with the entry of international brands.

Although Zirakpur remains a satellite town, its location at the foot of the Shivalik Hills have given it a favorable position to emerge as a growing commercial center in the region. Various research studies have hailed it as the hottest emerging city of the region. Both these factors, have amongst other things played a highly essential role in giving Zirakpur its identity as a promising hub to invest commercially.

Beyond the airport, the development of the elevated highway, which serves as an entry point for three states, namely Punjab via Patiala, Himachal Pradesh via Kasauli, and Delhi via Ambala have brought in a constant, and rising daily visibility of the lakhs of vehicles which pass through. The new urban population which has already settled well into Zirakpur have growing demands which should suit their standards of living. This vast demand, which is continually on the rise is an untapped market for the commercial sector, which cannot be ignored.

Serving this demand is not only practical, but it is an extremely profitable understanding which will also benefit the economy: since spending potential will lead to development which leads to employment and future more spending. Where every other suburb in the region which developers touted as promising, it is only Zirakpur that has delivered what was promised and investing audience. These are all kind of development which Zirakpur has witnessed and will continue to witness as it keeps on growing into a richer and more rominent part of the region which will serve as valid point of interest. The airport will usher international image makeover to Zirakpur, which will lead to the development of more malls and hotels to cater to the growing needs of the incoming and outgoing travelers.


Chandigarh Citi Center will be the preferred choice of small-medium investors, affluent consumers and stablished names to make their presence known in the Zirakpur market. Chandigarh Citi Center is promisingly on the way to meet those demands.