Zirakpur has come to become one of the region’s most iconic residential and commercial destinations. After having a humble start as a villagecum- transit point for travelers onward to Delhi, the addition of the elevated highway and high rise apartments have given way to a population growth in the area. But with the advent of a large shopping complex, a number of five star hotels and the evolution of the city from an NAC to an MC have given it a new class of settlers, with a rise in living standards which are synonymous with affluence, and well learned. The earlier developers of Zirakpur have had a major role to play in for making it the current choice of the influential middle class. With the potential to become one of the few cities of India with a Cosmopolitan identity due to the influx of well educated and well placed settlers – Zirakpur, if not already there, is well on its way to become a pivotal point in the region for investors and developers alike.

” No longer is the Indian middle class averse to a modern tech-savvy lifestyle. The mindset has dramatically shifted from living just for the future to living in the moment and saving for the future as well. People are making smarter investment choices and creating wealth for themselves.”

The aspirations have risen and so have living standards. Right from branded clothes, luxury cars to fine dining. People are increasingly spending on consumer goods and top of the line gadgets. They have the capacity to spend on entertainment and leisure holidays. Quality is preferred and there is an increasing expectation of wanting more from life itself and all this is a result of better education, higher paying jobs and a never ending drive to move forward and rise further up the social structure.Zirakpur has witnessed a massive rise in this new age affluent middle class giving rise to best residential projects and upscale retail outlets like Haldirams, Gopal’s, Sindhi’s, Big Bazaar, Metro, Best Price and Decathlon. The success of these brands has been due to the huge untapped market potential. Zirakpur’s growing community is educated and is aspirational. The desire of people for an upscale urban lifestyle has already led to development of successful residential establishments as many of the premium high rise apartments have been successfully completed and delivered. Like the changing landscape of this suburb which has literally risen not just in terms of infrastructure, buildings and homes but also in terms of lifestyle choices and social status. Zirakpur has indeed become a focal point and will continue to be for coming years.


Recognized as a dynamic and prosperous center of North India, the Tricity area of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali – Zirakpur is at the forefront of economic growth and sustainability. Today, Zirakpur is a preferred investment destination and one of the fastest developing suburbs in Punjab & Tricity area.Strategically situated and poised for incredible growth and expansion due to a rise in employment opportunities and growth in infrastructure, this region has the highest educated workforce in the country, a diverse and thriving economic base and a well-designed expansion plan. Home to some of the most well-known and leading names of the retail and hospitality sector, Zirakpur is a thriving business hub with a landscape that is dotted with business parks, sleek corporate offices, mushrooming retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and modern apartment complexes. It is connected to Haryana, Himachal, Delhi and Punjab through national & state highways. The new international Airport has also come up in near vicinity. In other words, Zirakpur may well be considered to be the new upcoming hub of growth in the Tricity area / CCR.